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Check out our leagues across Georgia!


Painted Pin



Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

The Painted Pin is an upscale bowling and entertainment venue in an industrial warehouse that also features two indoor 8’ by 50’ bocce courts in the center of the building. The bocce court surface is an artificial turf with a concrete subsurface that makes the courts play fast. When you’re done playing bocce for the night, it’s free to play some of the other arcade games that will keep your competitive edge flowing!

East Atlanta

Midway Pub


MondayS & Thursdays

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

This former auto shop boasts the biggest patio in East Atlanta Village and has two 8’ x 45’ bocce courts around back. Their crushed gravel courts play quickly, so you’ll need a deft touch with the bocce ball. Grab a delicious pour from a selection of more than 130 beers to enjoy before, during, or after your match and saddle up on the rows of bleacher seating along the courts to scope out the competition all season long!


Piedmont Park



Spring, Summer, Fall

Piedmont Park stands out as an Atlanta treasure in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. We can’t think of a better way to enjoy a fun day at the park than by playing a game of bocce surrounded by those lush trees with midtown skyscrapers in the background. Bring a snack and some refreshments to enjoy during your game. You’ll have to judge the speed right and navigate the subtle contours of playing on natural grass here.


Ashford Lane



Spring, Summer, Fall

Ashford Lane is an outdoor mall located off of Olde Perimeter Way with one built-in bocce court and plenty of turfed areas for us to host more than one court throughout the night. On league nights, play takes place on the green spaces in front of and next to Hobnob Tavern but don't keep play only to league nights! Their built-in bocce court allows players to practice throughout the year to get into fine mid-season form early!

Grant Park


20230329_184653 (1).jpg
Screen Shot 2023-12-06 at 11.36.24 AM.png


Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

DAS BBQ is a great neighborhood bar and restaurant in the Grant Park neighborhood. The inside has a cozy atmosphere but an oversized covered patio in front of two crushed gravel bocce courts is the highlight for us. They pipe in some tunes for ambiance and create the perfect setting for bocce games. Grab a beer and cozy up court side as you wait for your delicious platter of food to arrive - the competition and food is on fire!

South Fortsyh


Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 2.57.42 PM.png


Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Halcyon is a mixed use development located in South Forsyth county. Our bocce league nights are held on the turfed area behind Hobnob Tavern away from the pedestrian traffic you'd experience on the main green. Our bocce courts are created on a flat surface and, while tucked away from the main hustle and bustle, still provide access to the various food and drink options that will wet anyone's whistle.

Eastside Beltline


22-07-13 IndATL Logo_Alternate.png


Spring, Summer, Fall

You might not think Indaco is the place to host a social bocce league, but they have the perfect space for Italian Bowling to compliment their Italian menu. Located just above the Eastside Beltline, Indaco hosts 2 bocce courts on their expansive green space - one on the built in court and one on the green space directly next to it. After swiftly taking out the competition (or shaking their hands in defeat), settle in for some top-notch food! 


The Pullman Yards

Screen Shot 2023-12-08 at 4.27.32 PM.png


Spring, Summer, Fall

The Pullman Yards prides themself on being the South's premier entertainment destination and is located in the Kirkwood area of Atlanta. The built-in outdoor bocce courts are conveniently located next to the Alco-hall and Dailies where you can grab a drink then head out to the outdoor courts. Once your match concludes, don't forget to grab dinner and debrief the ups and downs of a well-fought match!


Wire Park

Screen Shot 2023-12-06 at 12.06.39 PM.png


Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Wire Park is our league furthest away from Atlanta but our league nights are just one of many family friendly events the development hosts throughout the week, and we love taking up the bocce court on Thursday nights! We play on one gravel bocce court and set up additional courts on the flat, turfed green space right beside the built-in court. All play takes place right around the stage and a short walk from South Main Brewing!

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