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About US

The historically accurate, completely non-fictionalized history of bocce ball, Italy’s second favorite sport, and how it made it’s journey to Atlanta, Georgia, and became your favorite co-ed recreational sport.


Once upon a time, in a land none of us are familiar with, in a time with some written history but lots of speculation, people were at a loss of how to spend their free time. Outside of arguing with their politicians and talking about the shapes of the clouds, the locals in ancient Rome found rolling rocks as their best form of entertainment. They would dress to the nines in their best fitting toga and bring their most spirited form of competition as they came out in droves to the bocce lanes. 


They each searched for the rock that was most round and would warm their tossing arms up in fist pumps later to be most attributed to The Situation from The Jersey Shore - how they could predict the future and the fist pump’s impending popularity is unknown to us. As they drew up their lines in the dirt, they each took turns rolling their rock while spectators cheered and booed in accordance with the end results for their most favorite of teams.  


“Nice toss; your balls landed nicely,” they would say as they sipped on their best mead while passing the time away. 


Fast forward to a time when The Situation was on his way to rehab, and the founder of ATLBocce, Chris, was seeking balance outside of his stuffy, corporate finance job. He longed for the days of his childhood when outside was THE place to be and fun was as simple and easy as rolling a rock with one goal in mind - get as close to the smaller rock as possible. His days of schooling the other kids on the playground was the highlight of his time in grade school, and he desired something that would ensure socializing and talking smack with those who shared the same interest.


Chris strongly desired the conversations that could only happen around a bocce court, with moderate competition, and lots of beer and fresh air. And from that, Atlanta Bocce League was born to cultivate a community around a game that brought many communities together in the past.


Let’s fast forward once again to a time when The Situation had cleaned up his act, was a father to one with another on the way, and Chris was looking for another reset after the pandemic that kept him away from the outdoors he so longingly once desired. Enter Jeff, a former player and newest member of our saga. Similar to Chris, Jeff strived for the days of simplicity when enjoyment could be found outdoors, rain or shine, and was as simple as camaraderie and beer. Chris and Jeff drank their mead, gazed out over the bocce courts that brought them together as owner and player many moons ago, and shook hands entering into a new partnership.


Together, these factors converged to shape the Atlanta Bocce League, a vibrant blend of competition, socializing, and the joy of being outdoors. 

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